To create a product link there are two ways 

1.Direct from Amazon Associates Dashboard

2.From Amazon Website

         To create a product link from Amazon associates dashboard at the home page you can see a search box and in the main menu also you can go to the product links section there also you can see the search. Here you can search for any product from Amazon after searching any product click on the Get Link icon which is on the right side of the product. After clicking on get link it will take you to the get link section. Where you can choose how do you want to get the if you want to link for the website long press on the code to copy the code and you can paste where ever you want to and the second type is text only. Here you will get only the link to the product you have chosen. In this section, you copy the long link or short link by clicking on the short link your product will be shortened. And image and widget sections for the website. If you want only a product image you can copy the link and paste it on your website. The widget also the same.

               To create a product link from directly Amazon website go to the amazon website search the product and open the product. If you are using mobile go to the top right corner and click on the three dots and click on the desktop site which is at the third place from the bottom of the menu. You will see the section named Amazon associates site stripe which is located at the top left corner of the screen. After selecting a product for getting a short link click on text it will open the menu and there you can find link long press on the link to copy and click on the copy if you want a link for a website click on text+image you will get a code copy that and paste it on your website.

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