To Create a youtube channel we need an email, up course these days all are having email.
if you have an email follow the steps given below,, If not create an email.
  1. Go to the browser and search ''".
  2. And will open youtube and if you are using a mobile click on the three dots and click on the desktop site.
  3. After going to youtube there will be an option in the top right corner of the screen named sign-in.
  4. Click on sign in and enter your email and password and click on next.
  5. After that, the icon will change into your email profile.
  6. Click on your profile pic and click on create a channel and after that, it will take you to youtube studio.
  7. And it will give two options, There are create a channel with your personal name and another one is to create a brand account and then give a name to your channel.
  8. I will say to take the second option because it is safer than the first option.
  9. To create a brand account click on the second option and then give a name to your channel.
  10. That's it your channel has been created.
  11. Thanks for reading this article I hope you enjoyed a lot reading this article and I will provide step by step guide for creating a youtube channel
  12. If you have any doubts follow me on social media and ask me doubts on social media.

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