To create a website for free of cost follow the steps given below :

  • And Click on "get started.
  • And sign up with your "google or Facebook or enter your email and create a password".
  • And click on sign up.
  • And click on create a website.
  • and it will take you to the page where you can choose the categories and click on categories. which your website depends on. 
  • And there will be two options
  • The first one is that we should answer the question and the second one is we should design our website.
  • Click on choose template and it will take you to choose the templates.
  • choose the template you want. there are lots of templates to choose from.
  • Place the cursor on which you want to edit and after placing the cursor on the template.
  • there will be two options from there you can see how the template will be or you can click on edit to design your website.
  • After clicking on edit it will take you to the design dashboard page where you can edit the full website of you place the cursor and it will show the options click on options to edit your website.
  • After editing your website
  • click on publish which is at the top right corner of your screen.
  • and it will show the Domain(name) of your website and from here you can buy your domain on Wix.
  • so, that's it.
  • Thanks for reading.
  • if you have any doubts contact me on social media.

If you want to know more clearly watch this video:     

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